Samaritan Summer

Dear Bethany Family,

Jesus, in Luke 10:25-37, tells what has become a well known parable entitled, “The Parable of the Good Samaritan.” The phrase “a good samaritan” has become ubiquitous for describing the expectation we share that people should be kind and intervene when others are in distress. 

However, what is perceived as everyday kindness in our day, was scandalous to Jesus’ first-century listeners. Jesus sought to address head-on an awful sort of religion that busied itself in religious practice while showing little concern for the spiritual well-being of those most in need. May Jesus never have to say the same of us!

This summer we want to take a cue for this remarkable story that Jesus told, and put a pause on our some of our regular Wednesday activities. We want to give you an opportunity this summer to put into practice Jesus’ teaching on being a good neighbor. This summer we will engage in what we are calling a “Samaritan Summer.” 

The Samaritan Summer involves a pause on all our typical Wednesday evening activities and events through the months of June-August. We hope you will join us in practicing what Jesus taught by meeting, learning about, loving, gathering, and serving your neighbors. We want you to use your Wednesday evenings to build relationships with your neighbors. 

In order to facilitate our Samaritan Summer we have established a special, private Facebook group that we hope you will utilize as a resource both to learn and to share how God is leading you this summer to practice the art of neighboring. We will post regularly to that space with encouragement and ideas that we hope you can use to practice neighboring in your neighborhood. 

Please look for an invitation to that group in the days ahead. If you do not receive an invitation you can join at this link or you may reach out to Pastor Jonathan.

Will you join us this summer in being a “Good Samaritan?”


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