BBC Plan to Regather

May 2020
BBC has respected the attempts our political leaders and medical professionals have made to contain COVID-19 and find a cure for it. Since late March, we have used FB Live as well as ZOOM meetings to continue to advance the Gospel. We have now come to the time when we intend to regather as a local church. Over a series of weeks, the Council of Elders prayed, discussed with each other, and consulted with other church leaders in the area about a way we could safely regather. The plan we offer to regather addresses the situation for BBC and is not intended to pass judgment on any other fellowship that chooses a different way to regather. The body of Christ in Genesee County is united in spirit and intent on one purpose – to exalt Jesus.
This plan may be modified or changed depending on our ongoing efforts to monitor current information about COVID-19. To that end we offer this plan to BBC regarding our regathering as a local fellowship.
  • We will begin regathering, as a local fellowship, on Sunday, June 7 at 10:30AM.
  • To regather safely we will separate our fellowship into three groups
    • Men (Ages 13 up)
    • Women Ages 13 up)
      • The separation of our fellowship into male and female groups is designed to assist families with small children who will need to care for them as BKM & Nursery remains suspended. While one parent gathers with us, the other parent can take care of their child(ren). For single parent homes, we hope they will reach out to other family or friends for assistance so that they could gather with us.
      • The groups of men and women will rotate weekly with men beginning on Sunday, June 7.
    • Senior Servants/Retirees
      • The separation within our fellowship of Senior Servants/Retirees from the rest of our gathering is designed to protect that group that has the potential for the greatest harm from COVID-19.
      • The Senior Servants/Retirees will meet weekly beginning Tuesday, June 9 @ 10AM.
      • If any of our Senior Servants/Retirees want to meet on Sunday with their respective groups and on Tuesday, that is their decision to make.
It is our desire that as a fellowship we respect the different approaches each of us make about the way we regather. We want to allow believers to determine
  • If they will wear a mask or not when they gather.
  • If they social distance from one another or not when they gather.
  • Greet one another in the way that makes them feel safe.
If, for whatever reason, a believer is not wanting to regather at this time, we respect your decision and you can join us each Sunday since our service will continue to be streamed live on FB.
  • We will not formally take up an offering, but we ask that you either continue to give in the way you are currently giving or place your offering in the boxes located at the rear of the auditorium.
  • We will not have a printed bulletin. We will continue to provide you with an electronic one.
  • We will celebrate the Lord’s Table each month using elements that are individual sealed.
  • Once the season moves from Spring to Summer, we will celebrate those who desire to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism by utilizing outdoor facilities.
  • We will continue to suspend our adult prayer time @ 9AM until further notice.
  • We will continue to suspend our children’s Sunday school at 9AM until further notice.
  • We will continue to suspend our Wednesday evening gatherings until further notice.
  • The regathering of our small groups will be determined by the leaders of those groups and members who attend them.
  • Cleaning
    • Each week the building will be cleaned
    • We ask, when you gather, to remain on the main level of the building to assist with the cleaning of the building.
  • Entrance
    • We ask that you do not use the south entrance to enter the building. Instead please use the north entrance to enter it.
We have appreciated your cooperation during this unique time in the life of BBC. Our hope continues to be fixed in the glorious return of Jesus. Until then, we trust this plan will assist us in fulfilling the mission left to us to advance the Gospel of Jesus.
Abiding in Him,
Michael Roeper
Chris Tenneriello
Jonathan Wass
Council of Elders BBC